Paranatural Threat Combat Unit - "Ra" Squad

Pre-Session One Plot
Description of the Setting

 As we were all human once, we will be Mankind again! Our differences shall not define our countries, cities, our continents and our families! Truly, I believe that we can reach a closure to the discrimination and hate that that we have all gone through. Let this document mark the death of the normal and paranormal, and give birth to unity!

-Jarl Bjorn, the Unifier

New Unity City, Commonwealth of Louisiana

The year is 2162, and the 230th Amendment of Global Law has just been proposed. This Amendment would grant basic rights to Paranaturals worldwide, essentially closing the gap between them and Humans for the first time since the Incident of 2043. The World now looks to the Louisiana Commonwealth, which had already granted such rights just a week ago.

You, an operative of the Paranatural Threat Combat Force are now tasked with keeping citizens safe and sound while world powers congregate in New Unity City, a neutral territory, to discuss and finally sign the amendment into operation. Your unit, Team Ra, is one of the more powerful in the division, utilizing PSI to combat major humanoid Paranatural threats and dangerous human criminals.


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